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While less than that of an at-grade landscape, green roofs are not maintenance-free. A green roof can manage storm water, insulate a building, increase roof membrane service life, create habitat, and provide amenity space for people, but only if they are properly maintained. Weeds, drainage issues, and plant death can lower the functional and aesthetic value of a green roof while adding to its cost. These problems, if dealt with early, can largely be avoided. Green roof failures can include plant death, drainage issues, wind or water erosion, poor moisture retention, weed infestation, penetration of the membrane by roots, and in the worst case, collapse. Protect your investment through the hiring of qualified professionals to keep your green roof looking and working properly for years to come. Bennett & Brosseau keeps a full-time Horticulturalist specializing in green roofs on staff. Our green roof team can handle any green roof problem. Fire Codes make building owners liable for green roof maintenance, to minimize dry foliage. Limit your liability with an appropriate maintenance plan of your green roof system. Invest in expertise.